Susan B. Anthony

Last year we celebrated 100 years of women’s suffrage in the United States. For me, after learning in depth about Susan B. Anthony for Horse Thief 1898, the centennial was poignant. I hadn’t known much about her remarkable story. “Not for us alone” was her byword, and the title of a biography I recommend. Her work benefits me, and you too, whether you are male or female.

Sadly, Miss Anthony died in 1906, fourteen years before the right to vote, which I have always taken for granted, was ratified. But it was an achievement built on the foundation she laid at great personal sacrifice. Next week I’ll post more of her story under Historical Links. I think you’ll see why Susan and her younger sister Mary became so important to Cally in the 1890s world of my novel.

Susan B. Anthony as she looked when Cally and Teddy met her. Shutterstock: Everett Collection

Next time you vote, take a moment to be thankful you enjoy this privilege. And keep working toward free and fair voting in our country.

Now, a history trivia question: What does the B stand for in Miss Anthony’s name? Write and tell me without looking it up. No cheating! Send your answer to

Spoiler alert: there will be a prize for the first five correct answers.

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