Questioning the value of historical fiction

If you're receiving this blog post, I assume you like historical fiction. But not everyone does. I find this article helpful in considering the legitimacy of historical fiction, from a historical point of view (thank you, Karen!). You'll find a reference in Horse Thief 1898 to a book, Orphan Train, by one of the article's … Continue reading Questioning the value of historical fiction

Publishing can be complicated

So, on our vacation in January I spent time researching companies that help with self-publishing, and ran across a publishing company that accepts manuscripts directly, without an agent. They are a marketing firm but decided to publish books. I couldn't believe what I read, acknowledging that writing and marketing are two different skill sets; they … Continue reading Publishing can be complicated

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Wow, I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted here. I've been focused on writing Treasure Hunt 1904, Book Two of the Cally and Charlie series. It's quite a different book from Horse Thief 1898. Treasure Hunt 1904 takes place from April to August of 1904, mostly in southern Idaho, and involves (of … Continue reading Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

What do you think about the Irish words and expressions in Horse Thief 1898?

I'm asking because people have reacted two opposite ways, but I can only publish one version. Literary agents have universally told me to take them out. They say people don't like anything that slows down their reading. So I've removed about 200 Irish words and expressions, but I feel a little bit sad. I think … Continue reading What do you think about the Irish words and expressions in Horse Thief 1898?

Scott Joplin 1868-1917

Shutterstock: spatuletail In Horse Thief 1898, 25-year-old Scott Joplin befriends 14-year-old Charlie at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, where they are both performing. Charlie is intrigued by ragtime, which he has never heard before. Even more, he is delighted by the brief friendship they share, which helps him understand how lonely he has been and … Continue reading Scott Joplin 1868-1917