Horse Thief 1898 “launch”–What happened?

So. When Horse Thief 1898 first came out, I planned to have an official "launch" on August 15. Then EA Books asked me to have Treasure Hunt 1904 in to them by that date so it can be out before Christmas. So the imagined "launch" never took place. But I'll be devoting time every day … Continue reading Horse Thief 1898 “launch”–What happened?

Susan B. Anthony

Last year we celebrated 100 years of women's suffrage in the United States. For me, after learning in depth about Susan B. Anthony for Horse Thief 1898, the centennial was poignant. I hadn't known much about her remarkable story. "Not for us alone" was her byword, and the title of a biography I recommend. Her … Continue reading Susan B. Anthony