Mary Stafford Anthony, 1827-1907

Well, no one responded to my question about Susan B. Anthony’s middle name. There are two stories out there, and I would have accepted either answer. The first is that the B stands for Brownell. But the second and more intriguing story is that Susan didn’t have a middle name and just for fun, added the B. which didn’t stand for anything. I chose to use the second in Horse Thief 1898. Learn more about Susan under Historical Links.

Susan’s younger sister Mary is not well known to us, but she’s an admirable person in her own right. She has a larger role in Cally’s life than her famous sister Susan, who is always out tromping around advocating for women’s suffrage.

Loving and practical Mary Anthony, “Aunt Mary” to Cally in Horse Thief 1898, was the first female school principal in Rochester, NY to receive equal pay with males in this position. You can read more in Wikipedia or other sources, and I hope you will, because here’s my question for today:

Why was Mary arrested in 1872?

You don’t have to guess–just do a bit of research. That way you’ll learn more about Mary’s remarkable life and understand why I chose her to have an important role in Cally’s.

“Aunt Mary”

3 thoughts on “Mary Stafford Anthony, 1827-1907

  1. Debra, now you have stirred my curiosity. Of course I have heard about Susan B. Anthony, but never about her sister, Mary. I’m going to go look up her information. Thanks for stirring the dusty pages of history’s annals. –Roberta Sarver

  2. Ah, Debra, I found the answer to your readers’ challenge. Mary Anthony was arrested for voting illegally in 1872 in Rochester, NY. When she voted, there was no provision yet that allowed women the right to vote. She was allowed to go home, provided she promised not to do it again. —Roberta Sarver

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