No, not the final copy, but I did finish the rough draft of Facing the Faeries 1906 this week, read through it for an initial edit and sent it to early readers last night! I’ll be traveling most of October (I’m in Meridian, Idaho as I write this), so my plan is to revise the text according to suggestions offered by my wonderful early readers, do a final edit, and submit it to the publishers by Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I’ll work on discussion questions and historical notes, as I find time during my travels. One step at a time!

I’ve asked artist Marissa Bowles to draw the image for the cover, and can’t wait to see her work.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story, which in addition to Cally and Charlie’s ongoing stories, features a new main character, Billy–the Billy who “is the treasure of the treasure hunt” in Book 2, according to Shane–though finding him proved elusive. I found myself falling in love with this teenager, and hope you will too.

And I hope you too will be encourage to face your own “faeries,” as you watch the characters in Book 3 deal with theirs.

Love to each of you,


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