Rainbows in Ireland

It rained part or all of every day we spent in Ireland–consequently, we saw more rainbows in a week than we usually see in a year! And we did find treasure: wonderful, friendly, gracious people, willing to share their lives with us.

This rainbow was special, because we watched it form. We stood mesmerized as it changed from nothing to gradually strengthening color. It was too far away from us to get a great photo. But it’s a memory of a lovely day (NOT raining yet where we are, but you can see the rain coming …). We climbed Bray’s Head south of the beach resort of Bray, just over the border from County Dublin into County Wicklow.

The many rainbows came to symbolize for me the persistent optimism of the Irish people despite the storms, sometimes violent ones, they have weathered through their long, turbulent history. Hope is in the air in the vibrant Ireland we experienced!

I hope there are rainbows in your life too.

What I’m reading this week as I craft Billy’s storyline in Facing the Faeries 1906: by Richard English, Irish Freedom: The History of Nationalism in Ireland (1909). I’m finding fascinating parallels with movements of nationalism in our own time.



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