Publishing can be complicated

So, on our vacation in January I spent time researching companies that help with self-publishing, and ran across a publishing company that accepts manuscripts directly, without an agent. They are a marketing firm but decided to publish books. I couldn’t believe what I read, acknowledging that writing and marketing are two different skill sets; they want to free authors to do what they do best and leave the marketing to them. Unbelievable.

I couldn’t send the Horse Thief 1898 manuscript right away because I had asked two musicians for feedback on the many musical references in the book. But I did send it a week ago. The company asks for six weeks to make a decision, which takes us to mid-March. If they say no, all I will have lost is six weeks of time. But if they say yes I will be delighted.

Meanwhile, I’m having fun with Treasure Hunt 1904. It’s a very different book. It takes place entirely between April and August of 1904 and is a treasure hunt, in southern Idaho! I’m constantly surprised by what happens and the people Cally and Charlie meet along the way.

I hope you are finding beauty in these winter months.

The view from our front porch this morning – see the deer tracks?

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  1. Wow Debbie! This is exciting! May God give favor and we look forward to your book very much! Love the picture and can imagine seeing deer out your window!
    Love and appreciate you!

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