Jan Ignacy Paderewski

In Horse Thief 1898, pianist, composer and statesman Jan Ignacy Paderewski becomes a mentor to Charlie, engaging with him at a deep personal level as well as teaching him musicianship and encouraging his career. I chose Mr. Paderewski for this role because it fit his generous, charming personality and the compassion he learned through profound suffering in his own life. Watch for a “historical link” about him next week.

A quote at the bottom of my emails says, “You are never strong enough that you don’t need help” (Cesar Chavez). Resilience studies highlight social support as a key factor in how well people are able to come through their tough times. “Social support” does not mean social media. It means strong, loving relationships with people you can call, with whom you can be honest about your life and your needs.

To the degree they have replaced true “I actually know you and am invested in your life” friendships, social media “friends” are dysfunctional. We all need less time linked and more time with real flesh-and-blood people. Like Charlie’s unusual connection with Mr. Paderewski, and Cally’s with the Anthony sisters, friendships cultivated over time can be literal lifesavers. I think you’ll enjoy Mr. P in Horse Thief 1898!

Who mentors you?



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